Monday, 15 November 2010

The Naughty Alliance

The Naughty Alliance

Gather the women and the brokenhearted
Let the cupid love and kiss
strip yourself naked looking for a bliss

Gather all people and listen
When the bard sings
He wakes the mountains
and promise heaven to all beings

Gather your golds and daughters
Let us sing to you the song of fame and glory
prowess chivalry and bravery
Before the satire makes you a parody


Izati said...

cool picture! got the 'vibe' in it. :)

Syed Ali Rabbani said...

ni kat genting. tiba2 pukul 11malam takda benda nak buat. 'evo7' ku menjadi mangsa dgn gearbox meraung2.