Saturday, 4 August 2012


it's 2:11am. She is sleeping. I'm thinking. now it's 2:12am. Im listening to 'all i need' . I'm hitting backspace again and again. There's a notification blinking on the screen. There's a picture of audrey hepburn on the wall. I had just googled audrey hepburn just to make sure the spelling is correct. The song is going to end. I'm wondering what song to choose. ok it has ended. I'm sleepy. But sleep is .. shit youtube lag. the song was choppy, like when chinamen talks, they chop every words. I'm not high. I'm not drunk. Im not smoking. I dont smoke anymore. anyless. fitter. happier. more productive. try saying that in a robotic voice. The baby guitar is dusty. rusty. The cameras are there. fully aware. There are prints of flowers on the curtain. Not my favourite. I prefer blinds. The flowers are shaped like an eye. Illuminati? free mason? obsession? I should be learning dutch by now. But i chose sigur ros instead. They are not dutch. Hoppipolla.

It's has always been an ugly, worn, abandoned building as a backdrop, the fairy as the main cast, graffiti at the back adds characteristics. The sky is yellow, I shoot you exactly at the point of being emotionless, so to evoke emotion in me. I call that an art. heck people said picasso is an art.

It's 2:38am.