Friday, 31 July 2015

Minimalism day something something

For a start i realised it is too much to update this daily consider 9-5 commitment I'm stuck in.

Still I continue to only use items at home when required and put it away afterwards hidden from sight.  

I had managed to sell that bulky air cooler. Also i found feet massager and that to be sold off too. About those clothes still i have attachment to each of it. Perhaps donating it is a good practice to distance the self from identification. Example I'm Ali because only Ali wear that type of clothing. 

I think it is an issue when one is identified by what he is possessing. Deep in my heart i still think and believe that your character and the voice in your mind is all fake and not you. If you are what your brain thinks then when you die the brain will decay to. The thought of suddenly not come into existence does not make sense. 

Life is like an electricity to a light bulb , 
Light bulb is the physical cage to catch that light. Still this light bulb wont have any use unless someone make it a torch light and then it will become useful. That someone is definitely the soul.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Minimalism day 3,4,5

A lot of minimalising plans for last weekends except that i caught fever. Therefore i minimalised my movements. All i did was throwing out those skin drying facial wash on century old hair cream. 

I was flipping all those old flickr photos. I wonder where did my passion went? I minimalized what bothers my mind and that empty space is now filled up again with those memory of being 'alive'.Now  coupled with nervousness. 

I miss that feeling of holding the camera to document that moment, while everyone was busy moving. And you are just there . At that moment. As if watching a movie but there is a reality to it. I stop time for myself. Stepping out from all of your timezones. 

It is to be in the present moment makes you feel like waking from a long slumber.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Minimalism day 2

  Last night before bedtime, I cleared up those plastic bags at the kitchen. Keep some threw some. Put it in a bigger bag nicely for easy reach. Folded up clothes and that is de-cluttering for me. 

  Today at work with an empty desk, i have more focus doing work and came to a realisation, if you inject your personal life at workspace, eg: putting pictures of friends and family, you are mixing your personal life with work. Outward appearance is manifestation of the heart. 

   If your work is taken away from you, some part of your life will be taken away too. But if life and work seperates completely, with no job then well.. Work is just work. You can always figure something out. That is for me.

I'm still distracted with this smartphone. I guess the usage also have to be minimal no? Perhaps to only use internet once a day at lunch hour. Dream big.

To be continued...

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Minimalism day 1

Today I have decided to start being minimal. 

Growing up, there is this indoctrination saying you got to buy house, car, new phones, this and that so that you will be happy. You got to have high paying job and earn big bucks so that you will be happy. There are so many things to do! So much clutters! So little time! 

Today i'm sick of having all these things and I'm gettin rid of my material possessions. The next paycheck i will receive is for me to keep the bare minimum. The rest will go to my daughter and wife and family. 

Why am I doing this? No definitive answer for now. Perhaps I will know it when i do it. So today I'm going to start with my beloved collection of film camera. The only happiness I got was when I click the 'buy' button in ebay. 

Tomorrow will be my clothes.


First I got to set up a goal. Say.. 1month from now. 

Okay.. Before clocking off work, the table should be cleaned up of unnecessaries. They will definitely think I'm leaving the company. Benefit of the doubt.


Only things that I need. Got me into thinking, i made my workstation homey as if i like staying here. This is more like it. Home is home. Work is work. 

To be continued...