Wednesday, 27 August 2014


I've just went through this web log previous post (say 5~6years ago..). You know the feeling when you want to dig a hole, bury your face in it, cry, close your eyes tight hoping that you will wake up back in those years, meet the previous you .

The first thing I would like to do is sneak up behind myself, wait for the opportunity before grabbing myself and... with a syringe in one hand, squeeze all the juices inside the 'past me' so he will pass out. I dont know what they usually put in that syringe, but it is definitely something that can pass you out.

Then after dragging him to an abandoned condom factory, the interrogation begins. I will highlight some issues such as :

1) stop smoking. It is not cool, it is stupid. Years later you still can quit, but people build a dam at the river not the lake.
2) Get enough sleep. Or else in your late 20s you will be a zombie, sleepwalking all your life.
3) Dont get addicted to music. Addiction to music will weaken your willpower. tested and proven.
4) Grow beard. It is wrong for a woman to love a man that looks like a woman.
5) Dont self pity. Dont play the I'm the victim game. Dont whine. Even whiners hates whiners.
6) Dont waste time. since the time will never be static. you've read that previous sentence 5 seconds ago.
7) Get thorough understanding of your religion, Islam. understand the basic of the basics, which is LOVE. It is not to start with JUSTICE ('Adl) but GOOD CHARACTER. Love will produce good character and the rest are just the product of good character. Our leader Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his family) was called Habibullah. HABIB! meaning beloved or sweetheart.
8) Dont play around with people's heart. Heart is irrational whereas the mind will rationalize. You are lucky the hearts you have broken didn't drive the mind to jump off building.
9) Get to know your higher self. You think, therefore I AM is a false ego. you are not the thinker. you are the space that holds the thinking. live in the present. you are not the nafs! (Lower self) But Ruh! (higher self). Die before you die! achieve enlightenment. become a buddha.
10) Dont trade this world for the next. It is not even worth of a mosquito's wing. We have another 50 000 years of journey ahead or more before reaching judgement day. Christians called it purgatory. Muslim calls it Barzakh. difference is that, it is not only for bad souls, but all good and bad souls. The previous nations had already started their journey. We are lagging. They had died longer than they had lived.

Then I will bitchslap myself back to reality.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Umayyad mosque, Damascus, Syria.

Pedestal of Imam Hussein's head. Ummayad mosque, Damascus,Syria. 

You cant love Allah without loving what Allah loves. You can't love the beloved without loving what the beloved loves.

You love the one who loves the beloved.

The Prophet (SAW) grandson was beheaded and the head was on pedestal for display to public. 

How can we Muslim claim to love the beloved while ignoring or forgetting this fact.

We are paying attention to the little things and forgetting the bigger picture. We bore hatred because some prefers to prostrate on the earth while the rest prefers on a carpet. We're expecting a uniformity in unity, whereas we forgot that we were born differently. 

On the 10th of Muharram (ashura) where there is a community busying themselves making porridge, another community is weeping, mourning, but were blamed for doing it. 

Can you blame someone who are in love for not eating or sleeping?

Nevertheless if you are trying to attain love by not eating or sleeping then you are out of your mind.

If you think by whipping your body will enable you to feel the love from deep down in the soul then you are asking your ears to hear colors and eyes for the sight of sound.

Love sits peacefully in the heart, not frantically running in the mind. You are irrational if you are trying to rationalize love.

Peace be upon him and his family.