Monday, 1 October 2012

Time is running out.

"The heaven for wife is underneath the foot of her husband. The heaven for husband is underneath the foot of his mother."

I would like to tell you a story.

There was this woman, married , blessed with 3 boys. 3 bundles of joy perhaps?
Working full time at a press company, she decided to work full time as a housewife. "Parents should raise their kids", a principle she still holds. It was an easy life, husband gets good money, 3 boys tearing up the house, very manly mother because the 3 boys should grow up a man not male.

The law of being fair dictates that it is not always raining gold and candy. Money is no longer at the tip of finger. 2 of the boys already able to make it on their own . Barely though. Leaving the youngest. The mother would do anything to make sure her boys gets good education, decided to work. She even considered working at a condom factory. Of course all the boys said a big no. Theres nothing wrong working there, but no.

8 years of baking cakes finally took a toll on her. Hypertension build in. Diabetes kicks in because she is one of the sweetest mother ever exist. Her heart is starting to give up, telling her that her time is almost up that you are soon going to rest well considering all your sons grew up and able to take care of themselves.

At the hospital, It was too much to bear for the boys watching her now fragile mother teaching her grankids to fold paper ship. Reminded those boys when they were kids folding paper ships, paper planes, newspaper, toilet paper, used toilet paper , as long it can be folded.

It might be 5 years, a year , a month, they dont know. But as father time walks by, the boys realise that they dont have much time.

With the smiles she carved back in even in those hard times, the boys understands, she never even thought about herself. Only how to make sure the boys able to make it on their own.

There is no way a children can repay her mothers deed. They can only grow up, be how they should be, and give the gift of prayer, praying she will be at ease in the afterlife even after time stops.

But for now time is ticking. Less and less time is given for the boys to prepare themselves for when the time comes. How can they move on from this.

A mother's sacrifice.