Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Minimalism day 3,4,5

A lot of minimalising plans for last weekends except that i caught fever. Therefore i minimalised my movements. All i did was throwing out those skin drying facial wash on century old hair cream. 

I was flipping all those old flickr photos. I wonder where did my passion went? I minimalized what bothers my mind and that empty space is now filled up again with those memory of being 'alive'.Now  coupled with nervousness. 

I miss that feeling of holding the camera to document that moment, while everyone was busy moving. And you are just there . At that moment. As if watching a movie but there is a reality to it. I stop time for myself. Stepping out from all of your timezones. 

It is to be in the present moment makes you feel like waking from a long slumber.

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