Friday, 24 July 2015

Minimalism day 2

  Last night before bedtime, I cleared up those plastic bags at the kitchen. Keep some threw some. Put it in a bigger bag nicely for easy reach. Folded up clothes and that is de-cluttering for me. 

  Today at work with an empty desk, i have more focus doing work and came to a realisation, if you inject your personal life at workspace, eg: putting pictures of friends and family, you are mixing your personal life with work. Outward appearance is manifestation of the heart. 

   If your work is taken away from you, some part of your life will be taken away too. But if life and work seperates completely, with no job then well.. Work is just work. You can always figure something out. That is for me.

I'm still distracted with this smartphone. I guess the usage also have to be minimal no? Perhaps to only use internet once a day at lunch hour. Dream big.

To be continued...

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