Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The heart

It just hit me while I was on my way to work. All virtues that we know about being kind, polite, having patience, humbleness, etc.. we wont be able to get it into our conduct when situations arises is simply because we humans .. are forgetful. In the Quran, us humans are referred to as Insan. Insan in arabic came from the root word of 'nasiya', meaning 'forget' .

Therefore all advices and knowledge that we seek and received, are simply to reform our heart purging it from all the vices so that when situation arises, you react . Because that is what most of us can do. We react. Our outward actions are plain manifestation of the inward state.

Ya ayuha allazina amanu, ittaqullah. O you who believe, have conciousness of Allah. 

In order for to have taqwa or God conciousness, the heart has to be purge from all the vices. The house has to be cleaned before inviting someone over.

Therefore lets clean and wash our spiritual heart from anger, hatred, ostentation, jealousy, stinginess, blamingworthy modesty, negative thoughts and heedlessness.

Because the heart of the believer is a mirror which His divine attributes reflects. 

We are not perfect. We were never meant to be. Dont lose hope. Because Allah says in Quran surah as shams (91) 

Qad aflaha man zakkaha. 

Indeed success are those who is purifying themselves.

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